Max's Marvelous
Moon Mission

Max loved looking at the stars.

One day, Max wondered, “Look at the moon. It is full of holes and looks a lot like… CHEESE!” Max decided he would make it his mission to find out the truth!

So he made a plan. He knew where the moon was, but he did not know how to get there.

With ideas bubbling in his head, he made his first flying vehicle...

Handy dandy PAPER AIRPLANE! Max was positive this would carry him to the moon, but first he wanted to test his plane.

Disappointed but determined not to give up, Max decided to try again.

Max asked his Uncle to borrow his Hot Air Balloon.

Up Up Up Max went! Just as soon as he reached the tippy top of the clouds though, the balloon would carry him no further.

Max came back down but he was NOT going to give up on his dreams!

Max realized if he was going to make his dreams come true he would have to work hard for it.

So that is exactly what he did. Max worked day and night to build the ultimate flying machine...

Max was now ready for the take off. HE crossed his fingers and pushed the big red button.

Off he goes, in a Rocket Ship! Max loved seeing his home from so high in the air!

After a few minutes,
Max was in space.

He saw all sorts of
strange and

With a jolt, Max’s Rocket Ship landed on the surface of the moon. Max stepped out of his Ship and with his Thing-A-Ma-Jig 3000 took a piece of the moon and tested it…

The results, the moon was a ROCK the whole time!

Max laughed and laughed, and although the moon wasn’t made of cheese like he was hoping, he was so happy he worked so hard to fulfill his dreams. Satisfied, Max loaded into his ship and went home.


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